10 December 2012

Coconut water and its health benefits

Everyone knows that drinking coconut water is good for health. How many of us identify what it contains and how it helps to stay healthy. Coconut water is a germ free water which has little sugar and cholesterol with no fat. Let’s see the health benefits of coconut water in detail.


* As it contains potassium, it regulates the blood pressure by counteracting the stimulating effects of sodium.

* Contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and peptides. So it can protect the body from various diseases.

* It is naturally isotonic, so it is good to lose weight and helps to increase the metabolism of the body.

* Presence of vitamin B in it would help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

* Contains plenty of electrolytes which help to replenish body salts after sweating.


* Helps in flushing the liver, as it comprises lauric acid and anti-microbial properties.
* Good for stomach upsets, reduce fever and dissolve kidney stones.
* As it contains several anti-oxidants and essential minerals, it is called the "life enhancer" and takes care of the heart's health.
* Helps to keep the body cool and it carries oxygen & nutrients to the body cells.
* Presence of Cytokinins in it helps to fight acne, wrinkles, cellulite and eczema.

This clear liquid is available in bottles & cans. Consume it in fresh form and get amazing health benefits. Do you know the Health benefits of coconut and its oil?

24 November 2012

How to stay healthy during rainy and winter season?

It is important to take care of health during rainy and winter season as it is time for bacteria and germs to increase in public and unhygienic places. Also the digestive system gets easily affected due to the excess humidity in the atmosphere. Some preventive measures are needed to protect the health from falling ill.

10 Simple health tips to stay fit during the monsoon:
1. Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes must be performed daily to prevent digestion problems and to stay fit. Also sleep for 7-8 hours at night.
2. Consume fresh prepared foods with much green and colored vegetables. Before cooking wash the vegetables with warm water to remove the dirt and pesticides.
3. Wash the hands regularly to keep the bacteria and virus off from the hands by using the mild hand sanitizer. Stress should be avoided as it would make the person more susceptible to get cold, flu and other immunity diseases.
4. House should be maintained cleanly by avoiding the water surrounding nearer to it and use net on windows and doors to stop the mosquitoes and files. To avoid skin infections, boil neem leaves in water and take bath with it.
5. It is vital to drink enough purified water to keep the body clean and to kill the harmful micro-organisms. Avoid drinking coffee and practice to drink herbal tea.

6. Always try to eat fresh fishes and avoid raw fish. Stomach infection can be caused by the consumption of fish which is not fresh. Also quit smoking and alcohol intake.
7. Increase the intake of bitter herbs as it contains medical properties which can prevents the body from infections. Intake zinc and vitamin D rich foods to avoid cold or flu.
8. It is vital to evade the junk foods & outside foods and stop drinking the chilled drinks. Also try to eliminate sugar based foods and dairy products during the rainy and winter season.
9. Include more vitamin C fruits and vegetables in daily diet to build resistance against infections. Drink a very little quantity of wine to increase the immunity of the body.
10. Prepare and consume the daily food with green leafy vegetables, wheat, barley, ginger, garlic, onion and honey to stay healthy during this monsoon. Home remedies for cold and cough

10 November 2012

Simple Home Remedies For Menstruation Cramps

Many women experience pain in thighs or lower back area during menstruation period. But many of them do not know how to get relief for menstrual cramps. Some home remedies for menstrual camps are:

Dip a towel in hot water and place it on the stomach. A hot water bag can also be used to ease the pain.
Dehydration may aggravate the menstrual cramps, so it is essential to drink adequate water and increase liquid intake during the menstruation period.
Caffeinated and aerated drinks must be avoided as they would worsen the condition and can cause irritation in the intestine.
Practice to drink green tea, mint or peppermint tea during this discomfort caused by menstrual cramps to relieve pain.
As the pelvic area may congest during this period, it would be better to drink hot liquids to relax the pelvic muscles and to improve the blood flow in the pelvic area.

Increase the vitamins and minerals intake during the menstruation period. From a recent study, it was proved that weaker women tend to suffer a lot from menstrual cramps.
Try to stretch the arms and legs during menstruation period to ease out the pain.
Boil the water with few ginger slices and drink it to treat the cramps. Fenugreek is also an excellent spice to cure the stomach pain during menstrual period.
Perform regular and mild exercise for 30 minutes daily as it would increase the blood circulation to the pelvic area and can reduce the menstruation pain.
Add few basil leaves or cinnamon powder to the hot water and drink it to decrease the stomach pain rapidly during menstruation.

These are simple ways to cure menstrual cramps. Follow the suitable home remedy regularly to get rid of the stomach ache during menstruation period. Simple Home Remedies

16 October 2012

How to Stay Healthy?

Both physical and mental health can be improved by eating Mediterranean diet daily. As it is leaded with fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and olive oil, it aids to lead a better quality of life with good health. Also it is good to lose weight easily and very good for heart by reducing the bad cholesterol. Good health tips with Mediterranean diet are as follows.

Mediterranean Diet:
Drink 2 liters of water daily.
Main meals should contain fruits, vegetables and cereals.
Cook daily food in olive oil.
Fermented beverages and wine should be consumed moderately.
Include Egg, fish and lean meat in daily diet as they are the good sources of healthy fats and protein.
Fizzy drinks, spicy and junk foods, sugar based foods should be consumed occasionally.
It is good to add iron rich foods along with it.
Always choose low-carb diet for better result.
Mediterranean diet is good for hair and it can cure killer diseases. Simple ways to prevent heart disease

12 September 2012

Health Benefits Of Fish Oil

The fish oil has many health benefits and even it cures illness. It has the vitamin A & D and anti-inflammatory properties.

1. It has the omega 3 fatty acid in it and so it can reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Also it protects the heart from strokes.
2. It can prevent many types of cancer such as breast, colon and prostate cancer. It can also be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) in children.
3. It improves the condition of dry skin and helps to treat the various skin problems such as eczema, itching, rashes and redness of skin, psoriasis etc. It can give a glowing and shiny skin.
4. It is a good weight loss weapon. It can also be used to cure obesity and hypertension.

 5. It is very good for pregnant women as it helps for baby‘s growth and helps to avoid premature births, miscarriage and birth with less weight.
6. It enhances hair growth and prevents hair loss. As it is rich in protein, it helps to maintain healthy hair.
7. It is good for the people suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems as it helps to breathe easily.
8. It improves blood circulation and immunity of the body.
9. It relieves depression, anxiety, stress, mental fatigue and other nerve related disorders.
10. It can improve the vision and helps to treat the eye disorders.  Foods For Weight Loss

10 August 2012

Water Magic

Everyone knows drinking water is good for health. But how many of us know why? Some magic of water are as follows:

Dehydration can cause a host of problems, so it is essential to drink more water to keep the body hydrated.
Water is good for kidneys and liver to metabolize the fat efficiently.
It helps to keep hunger away. Just drinking a glass of water before meals which would help to feel full rapidly.

• To provide more energy to the body, just start the day by drinking a glass of water in the morning.
Drinking much water helps the body to flush out the impurities immediately.
Skin becomes smoother, clear and younger by drinking the pure water at regular intervals.
To get a glowing skin and to shed the extra pounds, drink warm water with few drops of lime & honey in the morning.
It is vital to drink 8 – 10 glass of distilled water daily.   Benefits Of Green Tea

26 June 2012

Home remedies for mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer is a painful sore in the mouth and it becomes difficult to swallow food and drink. It may occur due to the consumption of spicy or acidic foods, poor dental, hygiene, stress, deficiency of nutrients, food allergies etc. Simple home remedies to get rid of mouth ulcer is as follows:
1. Apply coconut milk thoroughly to the mouth and on the ulcer.
2. Mix a pinch of turmeric with a spoon of glycerin. Apply this mixture on the ulcer to seek relief.
3. Just eat the raw tomato to get relief from the mouth ulcer.
4. Chew few leaves of basil (tulsi) to cure the mouth ulcer.
5. Eat calcium rich and vitaminC rich foods.

6. Apply baking soda on the sores to fight and cure the mouth ulcer.
7. Avoid drinking hot liquids and non-vegetarian foods as they can aggravate the condition.
8. Put some fenugreek leaves in water and boil it. Gargle the mouth with this water to treat the ulcer in the mouth.
9. Apply toothpaste on the ulcer to treat them.
10. Rinse the mouth with salt water or with mild mouth wash daily to prevent the mouth ulcer. Weight loss foods

07 June 2012

Simple Home Remedies To Cure Belly Fat

Losing stomach fat is more important as the obesity leads to many killer diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol and so on. Here are some simple home remedies to cure belly fat.

Simple home tips to get flat tummy

1. Have simple breakfast with fruits and nuts.

2. Do not overcook the foods, as it would kill the nutrient content.

3. Drink 2 liters of room temperature distilled water daily.

4. Try to eat plenty and variety of vegetables (in raw form).

5. Consume fiber rich foods to prevent the inflammation of bowels.


6. Add a tsp of roasted coriander powder or roasted cumin in a glass of water and drink it.

7. Avoid sugar based food, junk & spicy foods, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine.

8. Take fish oil supplements to burn the belly fat and to supply the essential fatty acids.

9. Finish the dinner before 8pm and drink a glass of skimmed warm milk before bed.

10. Include the following in daily diet: Egg, almonds, tomato, low fat yoghurt, green beans, cucumber, chicken breast and olive oil.

Follow the suitable home tip and cure belly fat!

16 May 2012

Five foods for women

Every woman wants to stay slim, younger and to prevent diseases. Foods with good nutritional value is needed for them to stay mentally and physically alert throughout the day. Some of the special foods to keep the women healthy are as follows.

Tomato helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer as it contains powerful antioxidants in it. Also it helps the women to sty slim and young by protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Whole Grains
It is the perfect food for women which help to maintain the blood pressure. It improves the metabolism, controls the appetite and aids weight loss. It makes to feel full with less calories and thus protects the body from weight gain.

Beans are low in fat and cholesterol and fight breast cancer & heart disease. It is a good source of fiber and protein which helps the women during menopause and prevents colon cancer.

Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C & potassium and helps to prevent the risk of gall bladder disease in women. It is perfect for skin and helps to keep the blood pressure under control.

Low fat yoghurt is ideal for women, as it decreases the risk of breast cancer. It is high in calcium and protein which helps to fight osteoporosis and vaginal infections. Also it is excellent in reducing the irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers and digestive track disorders.

05 May 2012

Secrets of Breakfast

Breakfast boosts metabolism and the energy level of the body throughout the day. A healthy breakfast can provide up to 25% of the total energy and nutrients needed by the body. Skipping breakfast would result in weight gain, osteoporosis, memory loss and even heart disease. Also it makes to feel fatigued throughout the day, lowers the concentration level and so the overall efficiency of the body would be affected.

What to have for breakfast?
Breakfast should be the combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber.
Fruits and whole grain foods can be consumed as breakfast.
Fat free milk and eggs are also the good options.
Low GI breakfast with milk or yoghurt, apple juice helps breakdown the fats.
It is vital to avoid refined foods, deep fried foods and junk foods.
Also it is good to avoid the high fat and salty foods during breakfast.
Do not skip breakfast, as it provides the necessary nutrients to the body. Choose a healthy one and stay fit.

22 February 2012

List of foods for weight loss

Recent studies proved that the obese people are more prone to have the chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke, cancer and hypertension. To protect the body, it is imperative to lose weight in a healthy way and it should be achieved gradually.

Negative calorie food


The negative calorie foods can be consumed for effective weight loss. The body needs more calories to digest the negative calorie food by burning fats and thus the weight is reduced. These are also called fat burning foods and have the ability to suppress the appetite. It is recommended to eat a regular amount of negative calorie foods for weight loss as it is rich in nutrient density and low in calorie density.

Negative calorie fruits and vegetables


Fruits: All citrus fruits, Berries, Apple, Papaya, Mango, Peach, Watermelon and Grapefruit are the negative calorie foods which can be consumed for rapid weight loss. All these fruits are rich in antioxidants which help to flush out the unwanted calories and boost the immune system.
Vegetables: Spinach, Celery, Carrot, Broccoli, Garlic, Cabbage, Beetroot, Radish, Beans, Cauliflower, Onion, Turnip, Pumpkin, Tomato are the negative calorie vegetables which aids to shed the extra pounds. These are the best fat fighters which contain protein, fiber and carbohydrates which utilize more calories from the body for digestion.

Protein rich foods to lose weight


Protein is a super nutrient which assists the body to lose fat without any loss in muscle. It helps to keep the hunger under control and burns the calories during digestion. Protein rich foods fill up the stomach quickly and guard the body from over eating. These foods play a significant role to protect and strengthen the bones during weight loss. Seafood,  lean Poultry & Meat, Nuts, skinless Chicken, low fat Dairy products, Eggs, Fish like Sardine, Salmon are some of the best protein rich foods can be intake for weight loss.


Fiber rich foods for weight loss

Fiber is indigestible and in taking the fiber rich foods results in healthier weight loss. It makes the body to feel full for long time and allows the digestive tract to use energy to digest the foods. Thus the body burns more calories and makes the weight loss process easier. Brown rice, Whole grains like oats & barley, coconut, flax-seeds, banana, sweet corn are the great sources of fiber.

Some super foods like Cinnamon, Green tea, Olive oil, Dark chocolate can be consumed for successful weight loss.

Foods to be avoided

Avoid sugar based foods, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, fizzy drinks & soda, junk & oily foods and refined carbohydrate foods. These foods would slows down the metabolism and result in weight gain.

It is suggested to follow the natural weight loss techniques and stay away from quick weight loss programs and pills for better health.

30 January 2012

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is also called coronary artery disease occurs when the coronary arteries become blocked with fatty substance called plaque. Fat, calcium, cholesterol and other materials in the blood forms the plaque and if it builds up on the inner wall of the arteries, it makes them to become narrow. This is called atherosclerosis and the blood supply to the heart muscle is reduced. As a result, blood clots are formed in the narrowed artery and the supply of oxygen rich blood to a part of the heart is completely stopped.

Risks of coronary heart disease:
1. Angina: When the blood flow into the heart is decreased, the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the heart muscles is impaired. As a result, a discomfort, pressure, aching or painful feeling in the chest may occur (angina) and it is the main risk of coronary heart disease.
2. Heart attack: When the blood flow into a section of heart muscle is completely stopped, the heart attack occurs. So the part of the heart starts to die, but a quick treatment can restore the blood and can save the life.
Sometimes, this disease may even lead to death.

Causes for coronary heart disease:
High blood pressure, Diabetes, Kidney disease and obesity can increase the risk of heart disease. Excess stress, poor sleep, Lack of exercise, family history with heart problems, smoking habit and extra cholesterol in the body are the other risk factors for heart disease.

Symptoms of coronary heart disease:
Frequent pain in the upper areas of the body like chest, neck, back, shoulders, arms or stomach would be an indication of coronary heart disease. Difficulty in breathing, irregular heartbeats, indigestion, dizziness and nausea are some other signs of this disease.

Preventive measures to avoid coronary heart disease:
Proper weight should be maintained by following healthy diet daily. The diet should be rich in whole grains, green vegetables, fruits and should contain lean proteins & low fat dairy products. Avoid excess salt, processed, junk & fatty foods. At least simple exercise should be performed for 30 minutes every day. Quit alcohol intake and smoking. Get enough sleep and the stress should be revealed by meditation.

06 January 2012

Health benefits of Green Tea

Most of the people know that the Green tea is good for health and weight loss. But if you ask them why it is good for health, many of them don’t know the answer. Let’s see the Health benefits of Green tea.
1. Used to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and used to control high blood pressure.
2. Very good in maintaining the body weight by burning unwanted calories in it.
3. Mainly prevents the body from heart disease and it controls the glucose (sugar) in the blood.
4. Rich source of anti-oxidants and help the body to get rid from headache, dizziness, fatigue, stress and depression.
5. Prevents the body from cancer and stop the cancer cells to grow further.
6. Makes the bones very strong and increases the memory power.


7. Best anti-aging food to keep the skin youthful and gives pimple free face. Good for hair and helps in regrowth of hair.
8. Removes bad breath and tooth decay.
9. Improves the immunization power of the body and used to cure osteoporosis.
10. Helps to reduce the effects due to drinking & smoking and prevent the Alzheimer & Parkinson’s disease.
12. Good antibacterial and antiviral agent and give solutions to nerve problems
Green tea is a natural secret for healthier life and it has no side effects.