16 May 2012

Five foods for women

Every woman wants to stay slim, younger and to prevent diseases. Foods with good nutritional value is needed for them to stay mentally and physically alert throughout the day. Some of the special foods to keep the women healthy are as follows.

Tomato helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer as it contains powerful antioxidants in it. Also it helps the women to sty slim and young by protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Whole Grains
It is the perfect food for women which help to maintain the blood pressure. It improves the metabolism, controls the appetite and aids weight loss. It makes to feel full with less calories and thus protects the body from weight gain.

Beans are low in fat and cholesterol and fight breast cancer & heart disease. It is a good source of fiber and protein which helps the women during menopause and prevents colon cancer.

Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C & potassium and helps to prevent the risk of gall bladder disease in women. It is perfect for skin and helps to keep the blood pressure under control.

Low fat yoghurt is ideal for women, as it decreases the risk of breast cancer. It is high in calcium and protein which helps to fight osteoporosis and vaginal infections. Also it is excellent in reducing the irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers and digestive track disorders.

05 May 2012

Secrets of Breakfast

Breakfast boosts metabolism and the energy level of the body throughout the day. A healthy breakfast can provide up to 25% of the total energy and nutrients needed by the body. Skipping breakfast would result in weight gain, osteoporosis, memory loss and even heart disease. Also it makes to feel fatigued throughout the day, lowers the concentration level and so the overall efficiency of the body would be affected.

What to have for breakfast?
Breakfast should be the combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber.
Fruits and whole grain foods can be consumed as breakfast.
Fat free milk and eggs are also the good options.
Low GI breakfast with milk or yoghurt, apple juice helps breakdown the fats.
It is vital to avoid refined foods, deep fried foods and junk foods.
Also it is good to avoid the high fat and salty foods during breakfast.
Do not skip breakfast, as it provides the necessary nutrients to the body. Choose a healthy one and stay fit.