18 September 2010

Home Remedies For Common Health Problems

For cold and cough:
1. Drink black tea mix with few tablespoons of honey, lemon and ginger juice.

2. Intake the juice of one amla daily. It helps to make the immune system strong.

3. Take few Tulsi(Basil) leaves, crush it, add few drops of honey. It is a good curing mixture of both could and cough.

4. Add a tablespoon of turmeric to a glass of milk and boil for few minutes. Drink it to get rid of from severe cough.

5. Gargle warm water with salt for throat infection. Use the same to flush the nose if it is congested.

For stomach problems:
1. For stomach upset, eat overripe bananas and avoid milk.

2. Drink a glass mixed juice of cabbage and white pumpkin to get ride of acidity.

3. To reduce the burning sensation in he throat drink a glass of warm water with a piece of jaggery.

4. For nausea (Sensation of vomiting) during pregnancy period chew a bit of ginger.

5. To relive menopausal symptoms eat flax seeds like Soya, Lignans. Both helps to reduce alleviate symptoms like hot flushes and palpitations.

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