17 November 2011

Why should we sleep?

Sleep is necessary for every person to stay healthy and well being. To have a creative mind and mental sharpness, sleep is essential for all. Sleep at least 7- 8 hours daily in a calm and comfortable room. According to previous studies, lack of sleep results in numerous health problems. How sleep affects the health?
1. Immune system:
Our immune system is made of with different types of cells and proteins and protects the body from flu, cold and other infections. Lack of sleep causes the immune system to suppress and leads to the frequent illness.
2. Memory:
To work properly, nervous system needs adequate sleep. While sleeping, neurons would be produced and repair themselves. If not sleeping sufficiently, neurons may become short in energy, gets polluted and begins to malfunction. Then the memory gets impaired leads to lack of concentration, decreased ability to solve math problems, tough in taking decisions.
3. Stress:
Sleep deprivation causes moodiness and depression. It makes the person to make mistakes frequently and negative thinking. As the mental performance is diminished, It would cause the person to get stress.
4. Weight gain:
A protein called "leptin" used to control the appetite. Too little sleep lowers the level of leptin and makes the person to feel hungry and to eat more and results in easy weight gain.
5. Hyper tension:
Elevated blood pressure would be the result of poor sleep. If not sleeping adequately, there would be variations in the blood force and thus causing the hypertension.
6. Diabetes:
Many studies proved that the insufficient sleep leads to have the increased risk of type 2 diabetes. If a person won't sleep properly, it leads to high in blood sugar, as the cells fails to utilize the hormones effectively and resulting in diabetes
7. Skin:
Sleep plays a vital role in the health of the skin. During sleep, the skin gets nourished itself and detoxifies the free radicals. Also a good sleep would help the skin to fight against acne.
 Constipation, Infertility, Headaches, nose bleeds, Panic attacks are the some other health problems rises from inadequate sleep.

How to sleep well?
* Put a good schedule to sleep and follow it regularly
* Relax yourself before bed by taking warm bath or listen to soft music
* Avoid alcohol and quit smoking
* Do exercise for 30 - 45 minutes daily
* Sleep in a quiet, comfort place at normal temperature. 

Simple home remedies for lack of sleep:
* Drink a cup of milk mixed with honey
* Intake vitamin B rich foods like nuts and pulses.
* Eat curd and banana daily.
Sleep well to fight against all the above discussed health problems.