22 June 2011

Garlic health tips

It is very good for health and has the power to treat many health problems, so of them are:

•  Major problems like blood pressure and cholesterol can be controlled by eating garlic. It is a good blood purifier too.
•  Eat 4-5 pieces of garlic to get rid of from the flu.
•  Want to lose weight? Eat raw garlic and drink a glass of warm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of lime juice.
•  For tooth ache, apply a piece of crushed garlic to get quick relief.
•  Garlic has anti-viral and anti-septic properties, so it is good for health by preventing the body various diseases.
So don’t avoid eating the garlic when you found it in regular foods.

01 June 2011

Healthy breakfast

Better to start your day with a bowl of cereal. It is a good source of calcium, proteins, fiber and carbohydrate. Having an oily breakfast will make you to feel lazy. So try to eat the fluid fruits such as watermelon, muskmelon in summer and apples, grapes in other days. Also eat steamed sprouts as breakfast as is quickly digestible. Some other foods such as wheat flakes, egg white, salads with cucumber and tomato can also be taken as breakfast.

Eat simple and nutritious breakfast. Don’t skip it, because it can provide up to 30% calories for the whole day.