22 February 2012

List of foods for weight loss

Recent studies proved that the obese people are more prone to have the chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke, cancer and hypertension. To protect the body, it is imperative to lose weight in a healthy way and it should be achieved gradually.

Negative calorie food


The negative calorie foods can be consumed for effective weight loss. The body needs more calories to digest the negative calorie food by burning fats and thus the weight is reduced. These are also called fat burning foods and have the ability to suppress the appetite. It is recommended to eat a regular amount of negative calorie foods for weight loss as it is rich in nutrient density and low in calorie density.

Negative calorie fruits and vegetables


Fruits: All citrus fruits, Berries, Apple, Papaya, Mango, Peach, Watermelon and Grapefruit are the negative calorie foods which can be consumed for rapid weight loss. All these fruits are rich in antioxidants which help to flush out the unwanted calories and boost the immune system.
Vegetables: Spinach, Celery, Carrot, Broccoli, Garlic, Cabbage, Beetroot, Radish, Beans, Cauliflower, Onion, Turnip, Pumpkin, Tomato are the negative calorie vegetables which aids to shed the extra pounds. These are the best fat fighters which contain protein, fiber and carbohydrates which utilize more calories from the body for digestion.

Protein rich foods to lose weight


Protein is a super nutrient which assists the body to lose fat without any loss in muscle. It helps to keep the hunger under control and burns the calories during digestion. Protein rich foods fill up the stomach quickly and guard the body from over eating. These foods play a significant role to protect and strengthen the bones during weight loss. Seafood,  lean Poultry & Meat, Nuts, skinless Chicken, low fat Dairy products, Eggs, Fish like Sardine, Salmon are some of the best protein rich foods can be intake for weight loss.


Fiber rich foods for weight loss

Fiber is indigestible and in taking the fiber rich foods results in healthier weight loss. It makes the body to feel full for long time and allows the digestive tract to use energy to digest the foods. Thus the body burns more calories and makes the weight loss process easier. Brown rice, Whole grains like oats & barley, coconut, flax-seeds, banana, sweet corn are the great sources of fiber.

Some super foods like Cinnamon, Green tea, Olive oil, Dark chocolate can be consumed for successful weight loss.

Foods to be avoided

Avoid sugar based foods, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, fizzy drinks & soda, junk & oily foods and refined carbohydrate foods. These foods would slows down the metabolism and result in weight gain.

It is suggested to follow the natural weight loss techniques and stay away from quick weight loss programs and pills for better health.


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    1. Thanks for the tips to lose weight.

  2. These are list of foods for weight loss:- raw foods, sea foods, green vegetables, fresh fruit, fast foods. It is best for fast weight loss.

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