26 June 2012

Home remedies for mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer is a painful sore in the mouth and it becomes difficult to swallow food and drink. It may occur due to the consumption of spicy or acidic foods, poor dental, hygiene, stress, deficiency of nutrients, food allergies etc. Simple home remedies to get rid of mouth ulcer is as follows:
1. Apply coconut milk thoroughly to the mouth and on the ulcer.
2. Mix a pinch of turmeric with a spoon of glycerin. Apply this mixture on the ulcer to seek relief.
3. Just eat the raw tomato to get relief from the mouth ulcer.
4. Chew few leaves of basil (tulsi) to cure the mouth ulcer.
5. Eat calcium rich and vitaminC rich foods.

6. Apply baking soda on the sores to fight and cure the mouth ulcer.
7. Avoid drinking hot liquids and non-vegetarian foods as they can aggravate the condition.
8. Put some fenugreek leaves in water and boil it. Gargle the mouth with this water to treat the ulcer in the mouth.
9. Apply toothpaste on the ulcer to treat them.
10. Rinse the mouth with salt water or with mild mouth wash daily to prevent the mouth ulcer. Weight loss foods


  1. Considering mouth ulcer is a very serious matter in mouth care. It may result to bad breath and even worst a bacteria which uncurable. From what I read at this tulsi articles, how much do we get from tulsi and why is Tulsi included in India's ancient medicine which is called the "Ayuverdic practice".

  2. That would be my first option before going to medicines.