06 January 2012

Health benefits of Green Tea

Most of the people know that the Green tea is good for health and weight loss. But if you ask them why it is good for health, many of them don’t know the answer. Let’s see the Health benefits of Green tea.
1. Used to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and used to control high blood pressure.
2. Very good in maintaining the body weight by burning unwanted calories in it.
3. Mainly prevents the body from heart disease and it controls the glucose (sugar) in the blood.
4. Rich source of anti-oxidants and help the body to get rid from headache, dizziness, fatigue, stress and depression.
5. Prevents the body from cancer and stop the cancer cells to grow further.
6. Makes the bones very strong and increases the memory power.


7. Best anti-aging food to keep the skin youthful and gives pimple free face. Good for hair and helps in regrowth of hair.
8. Removes bad breath and tooth decay.
9. Improves the immunization power of the body and used to cure osteoporosis.
10. Helps to reduce the effects due to drinking & smoking and prevent the Alzheimer & Parkinson’s disease.
12. Good antibacterial and antiviral agent and give solutions to nerve problems
Green tea is a natural secret for healthier life and it has no side effects. 


  1. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

    Good Health

  2. Green tea is so widespread nowadays that it's impossible to run into one who isn't a regular drinker. And fact is it's not just a simple lifestyle product. Green tea is now widely available in a number of ways, from various extracts to more commercial products like those from the Lipton brand.

  3. I have been thinking to regularise this habit but couldn't come out of having normal tea :-) will try nimmy....thanks for info da...:-)

    1. Thanks for leaving the comment Helen! You should drink it twice, if you want to maintain good health and beauty.

  4. I have this bad habit of not liking good things in life. (Smile)

    1. OMG! You have to like the good things to stay away from bad habits :)

  5. I love Green Tea and it helped me a lot in reducing my weight Nirmala :)