11 January 2013

High blood pressure and its basic risk factors

Blood pressure is a measure of the pressure when the blood is pumped from the heart through the body against the blood vessels. This pressure is more if the blood flows into the arteries and falls when the heart relaxes. The ideal range of blood pressure levels are 110/70 and 120/80. If these ranges are high or low, then it is necessary to be treated as it would lead severe health problems. Specifically, the high blood pressure called hypertension, which is the most common complication among the people in recent days. So it is essential to know the basic risk factors of high blood pressure.


What are the basic risk factors that cause hypertension? 

1. Over weight and obesity.

2. Lack of exercise and sleep.

3. Consuming too much of salt and saturated fats in daily food.

4. Family history with high blood pressure.

5. Regular alcohol drinking and smoking.

6. Eating too little Vitamin D and potassium in regular diet.

7. Diabetes with high cholesterol levels.

8. Stress due to the work pressure or family problems.

Apart from these, the risk of hypertension increases as we are getting older. Also it is believed that the men are more likely to develop this risk at their younger age. Women may progress the risk of hypertension after menopause. Poor lifestyle habits can contribute the high blood pressure to children.

How does hypertension affect the human body?
Hypertension can cause severe damage to arteries and blood vessels which finally result in heart failure. It can affect the functions of kidney and brain. It can damage the blood supplying vessels to retina which would end in the bleeding of eyes, nerve damage and vision loss. Bone loss, stroke, sexual dysfunction, unstable chest pain and dementia are some of the significant health problems caused by high blood pressure.
How to reduce the risk of hypertension?
Regular exercise with healthy diet is a basic remedy to treat the high blood pressure. Limit the intake of salt in daily diet and quit drinking alcohol. If you are obese, try to lose weight in healthy ways instead of attempting fast weight loss through pills and unnatural techniques. If stress is involved, beat it by yoga or meditation. Avoid ingesting unnecessary medications & drugs and check the blood pressure levels regularly. If the problem persists after following these basic ideas, then it is better to consult a doctor to treat it by proper medications.
Maintain normal blood pressure level, stay healthy and active forever!