18 May 2011

Some foods for heart

• Eat 5 almonds or walnuts every day, as it lowers cholesterol levels and prevents the body from heart disease.

• Eat fiber rich foods and cut down red meat & egg yolks as it has high level of cholesterol.

• Include olive oil in regular diet as it contains good fats that are good for heart.

• Drink a small quantity of red wine regularly as it contains anti oxidants which is good for heart.

• Eat salads with fresh cucumber, tomato or onion, instead of sticky, fried and spicy food.

• Eat tomatoes in raw and cooked form regularly, as it purifies the blood.

• Eat an apple a day to help in prevention of blood clots as it contains anti- inflammatory properties.

• Practices eating of leafy vegetables as it contains folic acid, calcium etc to prevent the body from cancer and heart disease.

• Add soy based foods to the diet as it contains isoflavone genistein and saponins which helps to increase the flexibility of blood vessels and to reduce the blood cholesterol.

• Eat the food made with whole grains as it contains iron, vitamin E etc, which will reduce the blood pressure and fine for heart.
                             TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART