21 July 2010

Health tips with honey and ginger

1. Mix 1 table spoon of honey in milk instead of sugar to boost the immunity of the body.

2. Being rich in anti-oxidants, honey fights against cholesterol and also used to cure migraine headache.

3. Honey can be used as a natural cure in first-aid treatment for wounds and cuts, as it contains anti-septic properties.

4. Honey is having the power to protect against heart disease, cancer and digestive disorders.

5. Honey can also be used to reduce swelling, scarring and pain as an anti-inflammatory agent.

6. Honey with few drops of ginger can take to treat a sore throat.

7. Ginger kills harmful bacteria in the mouth and also reduces heart burn.

8. Ginger is the natural decongestant so it is a perfect remedy for colds.

9. Any disease that is caused by inflammations such as arthritis or ulcerative colitis can be treated using ginger as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

10. Blood circulation can be increased and the LDL cholesterol can be lowered by in taking few drops of ginger juice.